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Kawashi International Singapore Pte Ltd is the umbrella company of 5 core business groups namely in Beauty, Food & Beverage (Natural & Organic), Furniture & Fabrics, Baby Products and IT &Electronics. Kawashi is a well known entity in Singapore Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, USA and many other countries for its providence of HAS (Health Science Authority) authorized quality products at the best price to it customers.  ​

Kawashi International Singapore Pte Ltd was founded in 1979 in the Republic of Singapore as a company with the objective of carrying on the business of international trading, importing, exporting, purchasing agents, manufacturing agents etc. including buying, selling and dealing in raw material, perfumery, chemicals, furniture, table wares, Beddings, electrical and electronic goods and all commodities.  It is currently expanding into green energy such solar technologies and also Digital transformation Consulting


Kawashi strives to offer better services and greater convenience for our customers, to meet their everyday needs.


To become a convenient one-stop online grocery shopping supermarket platform in which consumers can obtain great bargain and saving from grocery shopping.


We strive to offer our customer with wide range of groceries at the lowest price possible without compromising on the quality of service and customers’ comfortability.

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